Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in southern Calgary, Okotoks, High River and around

Your furnishings will look absolutely pristine because we combine Power Scrubbing with Steam Cleaning for the Very Best Results!

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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Has your carpet lost the charm that it once had? The colors have faded and it almost seems as if you don’t love it? Express some love to your carpet! Save it from the dirt. We"ll answer all your carpet and upholstery related distress calls, be it commercial or residential. Our tech savvy gadgets and refined methods and techniques are sure to leave your carpet soft, clean and shiny! carpet cleaning calgary


Upholstery Cleaning

We want you to enjoy a kind of a 5 star resort cleanliness at your very premises; you are going to love the crisp, unforgettable smell that we'll leave your beautiful upholstery with. We can also save your life, if you have almost ruined that her favorite piece of upholstery or carpet, call us and we'll get that mess straightened out for you before she gets home. upholstery-cleaning-in-calgary


Pet Stains and Odor Treatment

When unwanted spots seem to appear out of nowhere, with a pet around the household… you never would want to know what they are, where they came from and what have the pets been up to. These stains are sometimes not very easy to get rid of but we remove stains, wiping them clean, we are experts of pet stains removal in Calgary. We do it like no one else, carefully and ensuring the restoration of your precious furnishings. pet stains removal calgary


Mattress Cleaning

Your pets, your friends and well… you, anyone can be the reason why your mattress is not at its best shape anymore. You need to protect your investment too, don’t you? Can’t really buy a new mattress all the time, remember: where there is a mattress to clean, there is US! mattress-cleaning-in-calgary